Our Services

Project Management

We provide project management support to clients and communities in delivering their infrastructure projects from planning through to construction.

Funding Applications

We support clients and communities to seek project funding and assist with writing funding proposals and reporting requirements.

Inuit-led Project Delivery

We assemble specialized Inuit teams drawing on our expansive network of Inuit companies to deliver projects while maximizing local and Inuit benefits.

Needs Assessments, Feasibility Studies, and Business Planning

We work with clients and communities to transform a project idea into a concrete project plan. We will start from the beginning to determine project requirements to satisfy community needs.

Through our in-house expertise in northern project delivery and our network of companies we help clients and communities assess the feasibility and financial requirements of projects creating a robust business plan.

Strategic Planning

We support client and communities to strategically plan projects and programs to maximize Inuit participation to deliver local socio-economic benefits.