NAC Deep Energy Retrofit

Reducing QC and Group of Companies’ environmental footprint

Qikiqtaaluk Business Development Corporation was the project manager for the Nunavut Arctic College Deep Energy Retrofit. Qikiqtaaluk Properties Inc. purchased an old hotel in 2017 and now leases the building to Nunavut Arctic College. It functions as a student residence with a cafeteria, administrative offices, and classrooms. This retrofit project features an 86kW rooftop solar installation, heat recovery systems, significant improvements to the building envelope including triple pane windows, and upgrades to LED lighting and low flow fixtures.

Energy modelling projects 62 percent in energy savings after the retrofit. This means reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 352 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2eq) annually which is equivalent to taking 60 cars off the road annually.

The project includes an occupant education project to educate the students on how to improve their energy use-behaviours. The Deep Energy Retrofit is partially funded by Natural Resources Canada. It is a demonstration project to support national and territorial building energy codes and will verify the feasibility of Arctic deep energy retrofits.