The following are resources to help Inuit businesses find procurement opportunities, business support, and business and program funding, as well as resources to help set up your business and network.

Where to Find Public Solicitations

There are several different websites where you can find publicly advertised solicitations through the Government of Nunavut and the Government Canada.

Where to Find Business Support

There are many organizations in Nunavut that offer business counselling. They can guide you through answering these questions and help you to establish your business. Some organizations that provide business support in Nunavut include:

Where to Find Funding Resources

There are many organizations that have funding opportunities for Nunavut businesses. Some organizations include:

Registering Your Business

The federal and territorial governments require you to have a legal business name and business number. Here are links to register your business:

Business Networking

Registering with and joining different business networks will help to get your business known with the government and other firms.