On January 26, 2022, Qikiqtaaluk Business Development Corporation (QBDC) will be launching its Procurement Awareness Campaign.

Supporting Article 24 of the Nunavut Agreement, the awareness campaign provides educational guides to support Inuit firms access federal and territorial government contracts.

In collaboration with Indigenous Services Canada, QBDC created two series of plain language booklets about government procurement and funding terminology and processes. They provide tips and information on how to look for and get work with the government and how to access government funding programs.

The first series is called Helping Nunavut Inuit Access Procurement Opportunities. This series answers questions and provides information and resources to help Inuit businesses find work opportunities with the government. Helping Nunavut Inuit Access Procurement Opportunities includes four guides:

  • Guide 1: Procurement Basics

  • Guide 2: Business Basics

  • Guide 3: Federal Procurement Basics

  • Guide 4: Government of Nunavut Procurement Basics

The second series is called Helping Nunavut Inuit Access Funding Opportunities. This series provides information to help Inuit access funding to help start or grow their business and to implement projects. Helping Nunavut Inuit Access Funding Opportunities includes three guides:

  • Guide 1: Funding Basics

  • Guide 2: Funding Opportunities for Businesses

  • Guide 3: Funding Opportunities for Projects

Each Guide has an informative booklet available in both Inuktitut and English as well as a quick-reference one-page poster.

QBDC will release one guide each week, starting January 26, 2022. Watch QBDC’s Facebook page for updates. The guides will be available on QBDC’s website:

For more information please contact:

Kimberley Lee-Bouchard, Community Project Coordinator